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DAP-Audio X-15BA Active 15
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DAP-Audio X-15BA Active 15
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DAP-Audio X-15BA Active 15" Sub/Bass Speaker 400W
• Lightweight switched mode power supply.
• Separate amplifiers for mid and high speakers.
• Active 2 way crossover network.
• User adjustable crossover frequency 60Hz-250Hz/24dB.Oct.
• Multiband limiter circuit for optimal tone balance and
ound pressure level.
• Loudness switch for enhanced low frequency response.
• Groundloop switch.
• Extra low frequency balanced output.

DAP audio has set the new high quality sound standard with the X-series speakers. Now the whole X-series speaker range have also become active with the addition of the new light weight amplifier systems and switch mode power supply (SMPS).

The benefits are:

• Easy handling and setup. No power amplifiers needed.
• Build in light weight amplifier module of only 3.5 kg.
• Flexible use and expanding capabilities.
• Only slightly larger cabinets, compared with the passive versions.

The Active X-series Loudspeakers have the same high quality components as his passive brothers. The internal processing and the two amplifiers build in the 2-way speaker cabinets makes it also possible to get an optimal and smooth frequency response.


• Build in Class-D amplifier for the low speaker to get a very high efficiency, up to 90%
• Build in Class-AB amplifier for the high driver to get an optimal sound quality.
• Multiband limiting for optimal sound quality at any level and optimal protection.
• User adjustable crossover frequency setting from 60 – 250 Hz.
• Build in subsonic filters for optimal speaker protection.
• Loudness switch for automatically extended low frequencies performance, especially in case of small events or for background music.
• Auxiliary output for use with amplifiers and passive speakers, or use with other kinds of active speaker systems.
• Phase switch at the subwoofers.
• Ground lift switch to eliminate hum in ground loop situations.
  • 15" Active Vented PA Subwoofer
  • Loudness Switch
  • Ground Lift Switch
  • Auxiliary XLR High Out
  • Build In Subsonic Filter
  • Build in Soft Limiters
  • Woofer: ER-1576L V2
  • 8 Ohm, 76 mm
  • Voice Coil
  • Amplifier Output Power Low: 400 Watt RMS
  • Freq. Response (-3, -6 dB): 38 – 250 Hz
  • Freq. Range (-10 dB): 32 – 300 Hz
  • Adjustable Crossover Freq: 60 – 250 Hz,
  • 24 dB/Oct
  • Sensitivity (Half Space): 103 dB / W / m
  • Max SPL at 1 m (Theoretical): 129 dB
  • Nominal Dispersion (HxV): 360° x 180°
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 500 x 690 x 700 mm
  • Net Weight: 39.5 kg

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