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Tonebone Plexitube Tube Distortion Pedal
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Tonebone Plexitube Tube Distortion Pedal
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ToneBone Plexitube Röhren Effektpedal

Das "britische" Pendant zum Trimode. Clean vom Amp - den Rest erledigt der Plexitube. Ob Crunch, fette Powerchords, Vintage- und moderne Leadsounds oder Metal - alles in einem Pedal

- 12AX7 Röhre, betrieben mit 15V,für erstklassige Röhrensounds
- natürliche Dynamikeines Vintage Röhrenamps
- zwei Kanäle mit unterschiedlicher Zerrintensität
- umfangreiche Einstellmöglichkeiten
- seperater Contour- und Voicing-Regler pro Kanal
- Mid-Boost
- Effect Loop für Lead Kanal, wodurch ein zusätzlicher Effekt
automatisch beim Einschalten mit aktiviert wird
- True Bypass
- inkl. 15V Netzteil

This two channel tube distortion pedal combines the natural warmth and harmonic generation of a 12AX7 tube with the control and saturation of our unique multi-stage solid-state drive circuit.
This combination provides incredible gain with tons of overtones and, when combined with our unique passive-interactive EQ, produces four generations of Marshall Plexi tones worthy of a Shakespearian Ode.
Designed to enhance on-stage functionality, the Plexitube™ features two distinct distortion channels for on-the-fly transition between rhythm and lead settings.
Channel-1 has been optimized for rhythm with chunk rhythm tones and scooped out mids for a thunderous wall-of-sound and complete world domination.
Channel-2 is optimized to produce razor-sharp cut for solos and sustaining mids that are so smooth, they can make a grown man cry.
This is augmented with an effects loop that can automatically turn your delay on for leads. No tap dancing!

When the Plexitube is off, true-bypass connectivity ensures the natural tone of your guitar goes directly to your amp without obstruction or a tone robbing load.
The Radial Tonebone Plexitube takes metal guitar one step beyond anything you have experienced so far

12AX7 equipped tube distortion
Clean, rhythm and lead in one pedal
Insert loop on lead channel for effects
True bypass clean for natual tone
Huge chunky rhythm settings with scooped mids

Plexitube MP3 sound clips!

Plexitube Setup:
The Plexitube is your 'Plexi-in-a-box'! Just plug the Plexitube output into your amp to open up a world of tube driven British rock tones. The separate trim, drive, contour and eq controls give you instant command of both rhythm and lead distortion settings as well as a true bypass mode that ensures that nothing gets in the way of your pure guitar-to-amp tone.
... But that's just the begining because you've also got a foot-switchable effects loop at your disposal thats there when you need it and out of your clean signal path when you don't.

You will be amazed at the breadth and scope of the sounds just waiting to be discoverd in this truly versitile pedal!

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