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CRATE V-33 H Class A Vintage Vollröhren-Topteil
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Some people like combo amps, while others prefer their amps in head form—that’s just human nature. In Crate’s never-ending quest to promote freedom of choice for guitar players worldwide, we offer a head-only version of our dynamite V33-212 combo.

With two channels delivering 33 watts of all tube Class A British tone, the V33H produces the chiming clean and harmonic-laden overdrive that discriminating pickers expect from four EL84 cathode-biased output tubes. The new V33H's foot-switchable boost function, 3-band EQ, fluid channel switching and spring reverb deliver massive Class A tone in a head that is ready for the speaker cabinet of your choice.
  • 33 watts RMS
  • Class A, all tube circuitry
  • Two channels
  • 4 x EL84 output tubes, cathode biased
  • Spring reverb
  • Footswitchable boost function

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Ana Popovic
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